The quiet zone

Okay so I didn’t intend for the last post to be an exposition on what I think of the city, but I have a lot of people ask me “why Detroit?” as if I were considering renting a cell in Guantanamo bay, so there you go.
Here’s a few shots from the trip that didn’t make it to facebook:

What about the food… gotta love a city that has it’s priorities straight.

The moment at last – successful infiltration and exploration leads to rooftop serenity with the city’s silent sentinels.

Scrambled over a wall to check out this old jag, there was a roofing nail waiting for me on the jump back down…

I monkeyed around as I usually do and met up with some great people, treated the city like a jungle gym, and indulged in a heavy dose of recreational trespassing.

There’s still much to see in Michigan state, but I have to keep moving. I’ve been fortunate to find a fellow explorer photographer to put me up here. Generous doesn’t even begin to describe it – my first day out, my precious 10-20 lens is decommissioned in a heart-rending crunch after I clumsily knock over my tripod in an old chapel. He loans me his ($2000) 16 prime for exploring and gives me the 28-135 to take all the way to argentina and back. “Ship it back when you get home, if you break it, just send me a hundred bucks”. That’s something else entirely. THEN another explorer in the D sells me a 10-20 for a three hundred dollars. At this point I’m thinking of going to buy a kit lens, I can’t afford a $600 replacement or even the cheapest used @450. But hell, this is an offer too good to refuse – and I need my wide. Fortune smiles on me even in the face of my indolent carelessness.

So anyway, I fill up my bottle with Detroit tap water (the cleanest in the states, including bottled!) and head South to Indiana.

Night falls as I ride and it’s about 1AM when I arrive; my host has pizza and wine! This is another fellow explorer, I missed the party that came last week but he is still gung ho to head out and show me around town. We check out the local sights, and I marvel at the night and day difference between elegant and spacious Indianapolis and the crumbling city I left not twenty-four hours ago. This place reminds me of Ottawa, actually – clean, almost too much so, and quiet with an unassuming downtown core surrounded by trendy urban living spaces. But there is way more fun stuff to climb here.

My host Jason is an animal lover as was my last host, so more cats… but so far the allergies are under control. He shows me the way to some lovely views of the downtown core, but I have to cancel plans to check out a massive abandoned coke plant due to serious work being done at the site; some scrappers cut open a massive tank and gas leakage has spurred the city sending workers to secure the place. It’s been a blast, Jason is one hell of a host!

Indianapolis is cool, but like home perhaps a tad too sterile to stay still for long in. I pack up my belongings and organize my memories, I can almost taste the adventures on the horizon.

No pool? No problem! Pretend to be on your phone whilst milling around the entrance to the nearest Marriott.

getting to the city’s highest point is made easy with local explorers giving me the lowdown


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