I couldn’t navigate my way out of a wet paper bag

Hamilton is my last Canadian stop before the real adventure starts.

I do manage to get in some offroading in on my way out. Not on purpose mind you, I just take a  wrong turn on my way out and by the time I realize that this sandy track littered with loose rocks isn’t taking me to the highway I’m having too much fun to turn around.

Riding a half ton motorcycle like it’s a motocross bike is a recipe for a dirt nap, and sure enough on Day 2 I finally have my first spill on a particularly rough hill. Okay so maybe I had my second and third as well. Hey, it’s sandy as hell and this is a different machine with a ninety pounds of luggage. It’s hot and sweaty work wrestling Lost upright, but it feels great.

Family is waiting for me in Hamilton and seeing everyone reminds me that I need to visit more often. We have some great conversations and catching up, and of course I have to make all kinds of ridiculously insincere promises about being safe and cautious on my journey. It’s an adventure, not a pleasure cruise. At least I can promise good stories.

Speaking of which, I take the opportunity to catch up with some radical people in Canada’s other capital, Toronto, and say goodbye to another familiar skyline.

(Photo credit to Mr. Gonzales)

One last goodbye to a girl I’m certainly linked to by fate.

She’s lucky that’s the case, because with her taste in helmets she’d have a hard time getting a ride otherwise.

It’s been comfortable, but my feet are getting itchy and Lost didn’t get all dolled up for these little jaunts around town. She’s got a new 17 tooth countershaft sprocket from DualSportPlus (that means the bike burns less oil, mom), and its a whole new ride as I head off to Detroit.

To have a really interesting time at the US border crossing, when they ask you how long you’re staying for and where you’re staying the answer is: “I don’t have a date planned to leave the US, and I’m staying with some stranger I met on the internet.”


2 thoughts on “I couldn’t navigate my way out of a wet paper bag

  1. Dearest Blake I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your adventures. May the force be with you and may God Bless you. You are in my thoughts and on my mind often. Can’t wait to see you again. With all my love Mami

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