What the hell is this and why am I clicking on this link?

You’re curious! Good for you! We have something in common.

Herein are chronicled the thoughts and meanderings of a Motorbike named Lost and her boy, a wreckless vagabond soul who answers to Blake Golden El Explorador.

Lost! is a KLR 650 with a drinking problem (no surprise there) but at least she doesn’t smoke. She enjoys turning distant specks on the horizon into towering monoliths, throwing her rider violently into the air, and impromptu naps in the dirt. She also gets a kick out of toads.


¡Blake! is a man-child constantly seeking new challenges, experiences, and questions (even occasionally accepting answers); he reads too much into things that mean naught and rarely notices things of significance. The photos on the blog are his creations, but in truth are stolen piecemeal à la Picasso Рanything original you may witness here is completely unintentional.

mini Dedo de dios 40x40.JPG

Ostensibly on a Quest to reach the End of the World, the two adventurers are taking a circumlocuitous route that from time to time actually takes them farther South, though never further towards answering that revenant mystery – what are they really searching for?

They’ll meet strange and fascinating characters, see otherworldly sights and together chase adventures and horizons, borne on the winds of destiny and powered by overconfidence and undeniable wanderlust.

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