Day of the Dead

  Wild creatures rise with the sun. Except when they’re hungover. By the time I am dragged into grudging consciousness the hammock is a stifling oven and all I want to do is turn on the fan. This model only comes with rain-proof tarp and regret-resonating headspace, so I get out and get on the […]

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Revolución del sueño

Coastal Roads. On a motorcycle those are are special words that hold the promise of a journey with no need for final destination. Everyone said I absolutely have to go to Sayulita, so of course I crossed it off my list. But the enchanting roads hemmed in by lush tropical jungle put me in a […]

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The wrong way to the right path

It’s curious how convenient my disasters. I’m riding into Durango, making my way through the city center in heavy traffic. Some guy yells something at me from the sidewalk, but I’m uninterested in whatever he’s selling. Then another one points at the rear of the bike and yells “Agua!” What? I turn around and see […]

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I’m still alive

I will never forget the sensation of my helmet scraping against the asphalt, moments stretching on for infinities as that grinding overwhelms my ears and I slide completely beyond control. I recall in this time outside of time, with odd detachment, a recently naive me. Confidently contemplating my recent relatively low-speed crash on gravel, imagining […]

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Icarus Complex

Fun is a relative term. That’s why some people’s favourite roads are what others would call “bad”. The road, to use the term loosely, to Batopilas from Urique is one of those roads I think everyone can agree is bad, no matter how much fun you have on it. I have never dropped my bike […]

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I am my own worst enemy. After cats. And arachnids. Don’t even get me started on spiderfelines.

Urique mornings. “You’re an inspiringly tenacious little bastard, Mr. Fuzzynuts,” I grumble halfheartedly as my well endowed feline foe zips past me when I open the kitchen door, leaving behind him a mess of crumbs where I’d left my bread, again. Breakfast comes fresh from the trees. The membrane between sections is what makes grapefruit […]

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