If it was easy it would be a vacation, not an adventure.

If it was easy, it would be a vacation, not an adventure. This is my mantra for when shit goes wrong, mentally laughing about “that time I found myself lost at night criss crossing through the city of Guadalajara”. I mentally place myself in the future where this is already a funny story, and decide... Continue Reading →


And all the adventures to come

“C’mon leg!” My dad motivates his travel-stiffened limb to make it over the motorcycle seat with the same determination every time. Most times he makes it. This time we’re in Loja, Ecuador. A typical lunch of legumes and potatoes fueled us up, and now we’re back on the road. Gotta make it to Quito for... Continue Reading →

Day of the Dead

  Wild creatures rise with the sun. Except when they're hungover. By the time I am dragged into grudging consciousness the hammock is a stifling oven and all I want to do is turn on the fan. This model only comes with rain-proof tarp and regret-resonating headspace, so I get out and get on the... Continue Reading →

Revolución del sueño

Coastal Roads. On a motorcycle those are are special words that hold the promise of a journey with no need for final destination. Everyone said I absolutely have to go to Sayulita, so of course I crossed it off my list. But the enchanting roads hemmed in by lush tropical jungle put me in a... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t mean it can’t believe in you

Mazatlan serves me a series of strange serendipities. A last minute request lands me a stay at Yesie's house – latino pronunciations make connecting names to their gringo counterparts a fun game. I arrive at night in a small suburban neighbourhood. Typical beat up streets and smoking taco stands, small bungalows castled behind iron bars,... Continue Reading →

The wrong way to the right path

It's curious how convenient my disasters. I'm riding into Durango, making my way through the city center in heavy traffic. Some guy yells something at me from the sidewalk, but I'm uninterested in whatever he's selling. Then another one points at the rear of the bike and yells “Agua!” What? I turn around and see... Continue Reading →

I’m still alive

I will never forget the sensation of my helmet scraping against the asphalt, moments stretching on for infinities as that grinding overwhelms my ears and I slide completely beyond control. I recall in this time outside of time, with odd detachment, a recently naive me. Confidently contemplating my recent relatively low-speed crash on gravel, imagining... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you really should just stay down.

Leaving Batopilas is just as scenic as entering, but several orders of magnitude easier. I’ve been given directions on how to find Korareachi, and hopefully complete my Quest for that delectable lechugilla. Lost and I snake our way up and down the canyonsides, the gravel road progressively improving. I too have improved, I’m pleased to... Continue Reading →

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